Most of my exhibitions have been at Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts in Toronto. I also showed at the Found Object Gallery, Toronto in 2001 and the DeLong Gallery, Toronto in 2004. Since moving to London Ontario in 2005, I haven't yet found my place as an artist. I am however continuing to develop on my own and am now focusing on a graphic novel that is in the works.

 True Love Exhibition 1: In 1999, I had a show with Linda DeLuca. Linda is a friend from art school who is also a working artist. She presented a body of work from her experience teaching ESL in South Korea, and I presented small gouache paintings of the characters in my photo romance. I also sold the zine format of my photo romance to accompany the paintings. As a first show it was a very exciting and positive experience.

In early 2001 I had a two person show at Propeller with Ehryn Torrell. Essentially it was two one person shows together in the same gallery. My part was called REAL/UNREAL. The work was coming from the subconscious. It was stark and playful at the same time. I dug through fears and feelings beneath the surface. I see this as a brave body of work that I don't feel I have to explain. My hope is that others can find their own meaning in the work.

This exhibition also at Propeller was again two one person shows. Keijo Tapanainen also did work about the body but in collage form where I did painted comic strips. Each of my paintings was a short story about a different part of the body. For example there was one story about lips: my first kiss. There was another about skin: a day at the beach. I had a lot of fun with this show and it was very successful for me, i.e. I sold and traded a number of pieces. Yay!