Hero's Hood was written by Pamela Paul but the real creative mastermind behind it all was Janet Atkinson, Artistic Director and Choreographer. I met with Janet throughout the development of her dance / drama / visual art hybrid and the result of my collaboration with her was the booklet for the story and some backdrops. There were no words in my creation and it was a sort of picture book for adults. The story was about having a second chance and surviving hardship in love and in life. There was a religious element which I tried to portray in a universal way, but I by no means included all faiths. I regret particularly leaving out the Muslim faith as it is definately one of central importance on the planet. However, I didn't want to stress too much about religion; just the need to have faith during a time of struggle.

Hero's Hood at Propeller: In 2000 We transformed Propeller's original gallery space on Spadina Ave. into a theatre. The walls were painted, there were special lights, there were paintings as backdrops and the improvised stage came alive with Janet Atkinson's magic. I created a booklet to accompany the narrative of the actor and three dancers who filled the space with life. It was a very original and inspiring event to be a part of.

Hero's Hood at Artword Theatre: In 2002, Janet Atkinson with her Zeus Opera Dance Company came back to give the audience more. This time she had A Pair of Myths which included Hero's Hood and Moira Friday. The venue was better suited to the theatre/dance format and offered a different experience altogether. Instead of a booklet the images were large-scale backdrops, which I created in black and white acrylic and charcoal on paper. The dancers had a storybook as background as the performance unfolded again in the form of acting and dance.